Resources for Fort Christanna

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at Fort Christanna"Historical and Biographical Sketches of Greensville County, Virginia, 1650-1967," pp. 31-38,
By Douglas Summers Brown link

"Colonizing the Virginia Frontier: Fort Christanna and Governor Spotswood's Indian Policy."
By Mary C. Baudry link

"A Community of Convenience: The Saponi Nation, Governor Spotswood,
and the Experiment at Fort Christanna, 1670-1740." By Stephanie Gamble
Project Muse - From "Native South." Volume 6, 2013 link icon

"Detailed Sappony History." By Dante Desiderio, Sherry Epps Munford,
Kara Stewart, and other Sappony tribal members link icon

"Alexander Spotswood: Encyclopedia Virginia." link icon

"Wikipedia: Fort Christanna" link icon

"The Journal of John Fontaine: An Irish Huguenot Son in Spain and Virginia." By John Fontaine link icon

"Searching for Saponitown." By Crystal Rose link

sign at Fort ChristannaResources Not Online

"Brunswick County, Virginia, 1720-1975." By Gay Neale & Henry L. Mitchell link

"Excavations at Fort Christanna, Brunswick County."
1979. By Mary Beaudry

"Fort Christanna Archaeology Survey."
Virginia Research Center for Archaelogy, Williamsburg, VA

"Indian Education and Missions in Colonial Virginia." By W. Stitt Robinson
Journal of Southern History, XVIII: 158-168